Croatia needs more entrepreneurs, more innovation, and more high-growth SMEs. Therefore, it is necessary to stimulate the entrepreneurial mindsets of young people. The important role of entrepreneurial education in promoting more entrepreneurial attitudes and digital skills needed is now widely recognised.

The project “Digital Skills for Young Entrepreneurs” seeks to gather feedback from entrepreneurs on which digital skills they consider most important for joining the world of entrepreneurship by young entrepreneurs that will help them work on their skills.

Modern entrepreneurship demands new and youthful ideas. More innovative products are emerging every single day and digital projects appear to be what is going to be a gamechanger. There is a gap between young people and entrepreneurship that exist mostly as young people do not have the necessary skills and competencies to bring their ideas to life. 

For this reason, the purpose of this project is to enhance digital skills of young people and foster entrepreneurial culture of the youth. The round table supports the professional development of the young entrepreneurs through the gain of specific skills to increase their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, self-empowerment, and self-esteem. Digital and entrepreneurship skills are what youth should focus on to add value to their ventures, employers, and the world around them.

We thank the City of Zagreb as the general sponsor of the event.