The Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club) is a club with the goal of promoting an environment that will foster innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. E-Club is involved in many aspects of entrepreneurship including entrepreneurial education, publishing, scientific conferences and round tables, social and sustainability entrepreneurship, launching and growing various ventures, and many more activities and events. E-Club is the owner and publisher of the International Journal of Contemporary Business and Entrepreneurship (IJCBE). E-Club meetings include university professors and entrepreneurs as guest speakers that help build momentum in entrepreneurial endeavors and transfer their best practices. Through guest speaker seminars, pitch competitions, idea-thons and community projects, we help foster an interest in entrepreneurship, support the entrepreneurial mindset, and encourage engagement in the thriving community of entrepreneurs. There are also opportunities to make friends, share business ideas, solve problems in innovative ways, develop professional networks and build teams for various projects and/or entrepreneurial ventures.

Our members have an active interest in entrepreneurship, by either holding university courses in entrepreneurship, developing a project, working for a startup, constantly learning skills or being involved in the family business. For those who are not working on their own venture, there are plenty of occasions to take initiative by organizing the club’s activities, plan events and curate our network in the local ecosystem. Members have the opportunity to receive advice from successful entrepreneurs and the academic community in order to foster and develop ideas. Our young members and/or start-up entrepreneurs can receive supervision from our more engaged experienced members and gain exposure to the entrepreneurship world and entrepreneurial concepts.

We strongly encourage our members to make this club a useful resource by proposing projects, attending our events and building long-lasting relationships with the academicians, entrepreneurs and practitioners. In fact, active participation is what makes this club successful. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all who support and encourage our continued promotion of entrepreneurship.


Support existing and upcoming entrepreneurs in harnessing their potential through learning, creating and sharing knowledge while developing an entrepreneurial, creative and innovative mindset.


Provide a platform for connecting entrepreneurs, spread entrepreneurial culture and contribute to the creation of stimulating entrepreneurial environment by organizing entrepreneurial events, mentoring business ideas and supervise projects development, and connecting the academic community and entrepreneurs at national and international levels.